Bern Szukalski

Tech evangelist and product manager at Esri, focusing on ways to broaden access to geographic information and helping users succeed with the ArcGIS Platform. On a good day I'm making a map, on a great day I'm on one. Follow @bernszukalski or email

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Customize your profile item gallery

Your profile includes a gallery of items. Here's how to customize what's shown to highlight your best apps and work.

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Use World Imagery Wayback

Wayback imagery is a digital archive of the World Imagery basemap, enabling access to more than 120 different versions of World Imagery.

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Be somebody (and show your best profile)

Your user profile is how the rest of the world learns about you. It's also a yardstick for measuring the value and veracity of your work.

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Make your organization home discoverable

If you have a publicly accessible organization home, you can make it easier for others to discover it by add it as a publicly shared item.

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Create a great home page for your organization

Your organization home page is the place visitors and organization members will start. How your home page looks will create first impressions.

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Create a thumbnail style and brand

Style and brands are essential for most companies, your thumbnails are your style and brand for your content.

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Put your best thumbnail forward

First impressions are important—and that includes your item thumbnails. Here's some thoughts on how to improve yours.

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Using images as custom point symbols

You can use any hosted image as a custom point symbol. Here's how.

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Extend the Reach of Your GIS: ArcGIS Online Tips & Best Practices

This Esri Press eBook presents a stepwise framework for rapidly configuring and implementing ArcGIS Online using best practices.

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