What’s new in ArcGIS Companion 2.1 (Feb 2019)

ArcGIS Companion v2.1 has just been released. We have added several exciting new features and improvements to the app. Here are the highlights of the release:

Support for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 and 10.6.1

In this release, we are excited to announce that you can use Companion to access your ArcGIS Enterprise organization.

To sign in to your portal, you need to be on the network from where your portal is accessible. Tap the Sign In button. Choose ArcGIS Enterprise. Add the portal URL, such as Tap next and sign in using OAuth2 with your built-in account (as shown in the graphic below). If your portal has enterprise logins set up, ArcGIS Companion currently support ADFS, SAML, and Okta logins. Support for IWA will be available in a future release. Here is an example showing how to sign in to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal:

ArcGIS Enterprise sign in workflow
ArcGIS Enterprise sign in workflow


Here are some of the features available:


Assign add-on licenses and groups when adding members

When administrators add members to the organization, the workflow now includes steps to assign add-on licenses for ArcGIS Apps and add the new member to groups. (The ability to assign add-on licenses for ArcGIS Pro will be available in a future release.) 


Assign license and groups when adding member
Assign license and groups when adding member


Invite members to the organization using their enterprise logins

If your organization has set up enterprise logins, administrators can now invite members to join using their enterprise logins.

Invite members to join using their enterprise logins
Invite members to join using their enterprise logins


Assign members to multiple groups at once

Administrators can now add a member to one or more groups at once using the Organization page.

To add a member to multiple groups, go to the Organization page and tap the Members tab. Search for the member, tap the corresponding options menu, and choose Assign groups. Select one or more groups and tap the Assign button to add the member to the groups. (Remember, if you need to remove a member from a group, go to the Groups page, view the group details and tap the Members tab, and remove the member.)

Assign group members
Assign group members


We are always working to improve the app for a better user experience. This release provides new features requested by Enterprise customers and organization administrators, as well as other enhancements and bug fixes. Please continue to send your feedback via Esri Support or GeoNet community. We’d like to hear from all sides on what would make the app even more useful for you and your organization.


Please note that the ArcGIS Companion app version has jumped from 1.4 to 2.1. In case you missed our v1.4 update announcement You can read all about it here.

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