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What’s new in ArcGIS Companion 4.1 (May 2021)

ArcGIS Companion v4.1 has just been released. We have added more features and improvements to the app based on your feedback. Here are the highlights of this release:


New native app experience for viewing web maps, web scenes and layers

You can now preview web maps, web scenes, and layers directly within ArcGIS Companion. After opening them in the app, you can also perform operations, such as identify features, search, and zoom to spatial bookmarks (similar to when viewing them in a browser).

This native app experience makes it easier to view and explore maps, scenes, and layers because you won’t need to sign in again.

This new feature is available for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise accounts (with the exception of portals that use PKI authentication). To try it out, navigate to an item and select Preview to open it within the Companion app (powered by ArcGIS Runtime).

The example below shows previewing a web map in Companion.

Preview web map within the app

Support for ArcGIS Enterprise authentication using PKI encryption

ArcGIS Enterprise users currently working with PKI encryption can now sign-in to ArcGIS Companion. Before signing in, ensure that you have the correct certificate available on your device. If you are unable to sign-in with your ArcGIS Enterprise account, please feel free to report to us so we can work to fix related issues in the next release. The following screenshot shows an example of signing in and choosing the required certificate.



UI demonstrating the sign-in process

Support for configuring your ArcGIS Enterprise URL through Mobile Device Management (MDM) system

Support for deployments via MDM software is better now with support for AppConfig. You can now auto-configure the URL of your ArcGIS Enterprise portal using an AppConfig file. This is very similar to the other Esri Fields apps. Currently, we support the following properties for MDM configuration:

1) portalURL – Configure your ArcGIS Enterprise portal URL for users to sign in to a specific organization by default.

2) allowSwitchAccounts – Specify if a user can switch accounts between different   ArcGIS organizations. By default, users are allowed to switch accounts within ArcGIS Companion while they’re signed into the URL configured through MDM unless this property is disabled.


Please note that the ArcGIS Companion app version has jumped from 3.2 to 4.1. In case you missed our last update announcement You can read all about it here.

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Lead Product Engineer working with AppStudio for ArcGIS + ArcGIS Companion. Has been working with Esri for 10+ years. Enjoys working with ArcGIS Runtime and Mobile app development while working on real world GIS & spatial challenges.

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