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New ways to add and format text on your ArcGIS Hub sites

ArcGIS Hub is about sharing information with teams and communities. Using data, events, apps, surveys, and web maps, teams of collaborators can build hub sites and pages that keep everyone informed and invite others to join in on shared goals, projects, and initiatives. 
An important part of any hub site is a narrative that provides the audience with context, a clear message, and call to action. That’s why the ArcGIS Hub team just made it easier for everyone, from site admins to collaborators, to add and format text, insert tables, and link to additional content with buttons and cards. 

Format text faster

Make it easier for readers to skim your content by shaping up bulky text with indents, or use one of 6 section headers to segment your content. 
Double click a keyword or highlight an important phrase to make your words pop with bold and italics options.  

Keep things organized

Need to organize? Insert a table by choosing the number of rows and columns, and even add a header. 

Add or delete rows or columns simply by clicking inside the table and choosing an edit option. Be sure to click the “H” to add a header to clearly define your table and make it more accessible for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Lists can also be used to quickly organize information. Group related things together with a bulleted list or quantify items and define sequences of steps with a numbered list. 

Create calls to action

Invite people to explore more by adding links to key phrases and words. Or, insert a button to create a call to action.

You can also add a single wide card or multiple cards to attract people to explore additional content.

Make it your own

Further customize text using code view. We no longer support Markdown, but you can still use HTML. Here are some tips and tricks.

Made a mistake? No worries. Just click Ctrl + Z or Command + Z to go back. Check out the tooltip on your text editor for more shortcuts.

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Open one of your sites or pages by accessing the Site Editor, or start from scratch
  2. Drag and drop a text card onto your layout and click the settings icon. If you want to make changes to old text, just click the settings icon on an existing text card.
  3. Get to typing, and be sure to save your changes.

For updates on our releases check out our changelog and follow us on Twitter. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know on GeoNet. Looking to learn more about ArcGIS Hub? Check out our FAQs or take the Hub Readiness Assessment to learn more about what hub can do for your community.

About the author

Katie is a writer working on ArcGIS Hub and Enterprise Sites in the R&D Center in Washington, D.C.

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