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NaturalVue® Cloud-Free Global Imagery Mosaic

Maxar Technologies has teamed up with Esri to make their NaturalVue® 2.0 image mosaic available through the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.  This means that both first and second generations of NaturalVue® are now available in the Living Atlas.

NaturalVue® 2.0 is Maxar’s next-generation global image mosaic, encompassing over 60,000 Landsat 8 images. A virtually cloud-free mosaic with more current imagery, NaturalVue® 2.0 updates and improves upon previous versions with enhanced positional accuracy, color fidelity, and spatial resolution.

Providing global coverage at 15-meters per pixel spatial resolution, this imagery enables a broad range of geospatial and web-based mapping applications, including military and defense logistics, GIS backdrops, flight simulation, cartographic mapping, 3D visualization, GPS tracking, and more.

Take this imagery web app for a test drive, exploring the locations shown below and more.  If the imagery works for you, all you need to do is keep using it.  NaturalVue® 2.0, along with many other imagery layers and maps, is freely available in the Living Atlas.


NaturalVue® 2.0 – Egmont National Park
NaturalVue® 2.0 – Antarctica
NaturalVue® 2.0 – Grand Canyon National Park
NaturalVue® 2.0 – Dead Sea
NaturalVue® 2.0 – Eye of the Sahara
NaturalVue® 2.0 – NamibRand Nature Reserve

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