Robert Waterman

As Principal Project Manager for all things imagery in ArcGIS Living Atlas, Robert takes great pride in enabling the Esri community with the rich geographic information that Living Atlas provides...information to complement and enhance the ArcGIS system...information to support and drive the Science of Where.

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Global Land Cover Revealed

Timely data and change analysis are fundamental to revealing insights from land use/land cover maps.

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What’s New in World Imagery – September 2022

Year over year, we continue to enhance the World Imagery basemap with millions of square kilometers of high-resolution imagery updates.

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Landsat Nine: The Legacy Continues

Landsat 9, now available in Living Atlas, continues the legacy of the longest running record of Earth observation imagery.

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Playback Your Wayback

The animate mode is an integral component of the complete Wayback visualization experience.

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Earth by Night

Visualizing, measuring, monitoring, and analyzing urbanization, population growth, economic activity, access to electricity, and more.

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Introducing Landsat Collection 2

Upgrading existing Landsat Level-1 services and adding a new Level-2 service.

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Do the Wayback Swipe

A powerful and intuitive way to compare imagery from the World Imagery Wayback archive.

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Fast and Simple NAIP Imagery

NAIP imagery optimized for display quality and performance.

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World Imagery Metadata Update

If you didn't know, World Imagery has metadata pop-ups. If you did know, hopefully you will appreciate this update.

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