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Explore current events with ArcGIS Living Atlas: Iceland and New Zealand earthquakes

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Here’s what’s in the news the week of March 1, 2021.


Explore the quakes

ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World includes authoritative live feeds and other content that helps you learn more about earthquakes and see where they’re happening. Follow the links and examples below to explore Living Atlas content for the Iceland and New Zealand news events.

Note that current events are dynamic, time-dependent, and change rapidly, so your maps may show different results.


USGS Global Earthquakes

This map presents recent earthquake information from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response (PAGER) program. The PAGER system provides fatality and economic impact estimates following earthquake events worldwide. For more details, see the USGS PAGER website.

Iceland quakes
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For more information, see the USGS Global Earthquakes map item details.


Latest Earthquake Monitoring Dashboard

This ArcGIS Dashboards monitors the latest earthquake events around the world. It automatically updates when new events happen to show you where they occurred, how significant they were, and if there were any resulting tsunamis.

Latest Earthquake Monitoring Dashboard
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For more information on ArcGIS Dashboards, see the Dashboards overview and What is a dashboard. For more information on this dashboard, see the Latest Earthquake Monitoring Dashboard item details.

You can also view all ArcGIS Living Atlas earthquake content.


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