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Spilhaus? More like Thrillhaus

First of all, stop reading this blog post and jump over to a StoryMap written by mathematics-wielding projection-imbibing Bojan Šavrič (who says things like it is good to live on the ellipsoid, because on the sphere would be too easy), which describes the historical and trigonometric sleuthing he and David Burrows undertook to uncover, define, a share a projection intended to present the world’s oceans as a single body of water (which, you know, they are). The Spilhaus World Ocean Map.

This projection will be available in version 2.5 of ArcGIS Pro, which is a few months out yet. But in the meantime we’re having a total blast playing with it. If you are immensely curious you can look into the early adopter community program to get adopting it, like, early.

Here are a few more oceanic maps in Spilhaus…

After the release of 2.5 I’ll follow up with a project package that you can download and start spilling all sorts of oceanic data into.

Happy Mapping! John

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