John Nelson

I have far too much fun looking for ways to understand and present data visually, hopefully driving product strategy and engaging users. I work in the Content team at Esri, pushing and pulling data in all sorts of absurd ways -and then talking about it. I also get to spend time with the Story Maps team, working on fun and useful user experiences. When I'm not doing those things, I'm chasing around toddlers and wrangling chickens, and generally getting into other ad-hoc adventures. Life is good.

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5 Ways to Make Your Overview Map Sizzling Hot

Turn that zero overview into a hero overview

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United States of Craigslist, with Demographics

Stuffing an insane array of demographic and economic data into these practical economic zones.

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Make This Geodesic Globe Ornament Please

A crafty geodesic globe ornament template so you can rock the tree with little earths. Also, how it was made.

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Gap, Pass, Notch, and Saddle

There are lots of names for the same thing. It's what makes the English language a rich and wonderful dog's dinner.

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Aurora Illumination

How to overlay an aurora borealis image to mask underlying daytime imagery to create an impressionistic illumination map of the Northern Lights.

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Sunshine On My Shoulders

Smashing data found in the wild into ArcGIS Online geography.

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Crazy Expression Symbology and Crazier CMYK Maps

Use expressions to slice and dice attributes into bonkers symbology. Or even tasteful symbology, I guess. Anyway, EXPRESSIONS!

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Top 10 Most Visited US National Parks (Imhof style!)

Here is a comparative layout showing the most popular national parks, in that sizzling Imhof style that you can totally steal.

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Chevalier Shade

Imbibe a wonderful vintage style of hachured topography into your maps.

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