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What’s new in the ArcGIS Solutions November 2022 Release

ArcGIS Solutions align with your business needs, transform your use of ArcGIS, and help you maximize the investment you are making in location-based data and technology.

In the November 2022 release, you will find several new ArcGIS Solutions for state and local governments, utilities, defense, and public safety agencies. There are also many enhancements to the existing solution portfolio that can be leveraged by organizations of all types.

New ArcGIS Solutions

Here is a quick summary of what’s new in the November release:

Active Transportation Outreach

Active Transportation Outreach can be used to inventory your existing active transportation facilities and engage with the public to promote a more active lifestyle.

Promote transportation alternatives within the community

Catch Basin and Outlet Inspections

Catch Basin and Outlet Inspections can be used to streamline the inspection of catch basins and outlets.

Plan, assign, manage, and monitor catch basin and outlet inspections

Crime Reduction Statistics

The Crime Reduction Statistics solution can be used to generate key statistics and reports, monitor crime trends, and modernize CompStat practices.

Map and monitor short and long term statistical trends and spikes in crime

Electric Joint Use

Electric Joint Use can be used to manage utility pole joint use and streamline the joint use permitting process.

View attachment data and manage joint use issues

Pre-Incident Planning

Pre-Incident Planning can be used to inventory fire pre-incident plans and understand hazards and risks that affect responding personnel and building occupants.

Organize pre-incident plans and manage routine site visits

Sign Management

Sign Management can be used to collect roadway signs and poles, streamline inspection and maintenance activities, and understand asset conditions.

Review sign collections and understand asset conditions

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals can be used to share progress made on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, and their key indicators, with the public and other interested stakeholders.

Monitor SDG indicators and communicate progress

Water Utility Hydrant Inspections

Water Utility Hydrant Inspections can be used to streamline fire hydrant inspections and monitor inspection programs that help water utilities increase hydrant reliability.

Monitor inspection programs that increase hydrant reliability

Weather Operational Effects

Weather Operational Effects can be used to quickly understand the impact of weather on military operations.

View forecasted weather and effects

Enhanced ArcGIS Solutions

Several existing ArcGIS Solutions have also been greatly enhanced in the November release:

Equitable Property Value

Equitable Property Value can be used to promote fair and equitable property values and share authoritative property information with the public and other interested stakeholders.

Share authoritative property information and combat misinformation 

Lead Service Line Inventory

Lead Service Line Inventory can be used to develop a lead service line inventory and monitor the replacement of service lines required to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions.

Review incoming water service line material surveys

ROW Permitting

ROW Permitting can be used to collect and organize permit applications, coordinate the permit review process, gather feedback during permit review, and share approved permits with internal and external stakeholders.

Help permit applicants track and update their permit applications

And that’s not all.  Several other solutions were also updated in this release:

Finally, learn more about other lifecycle changes and issues that have also been addressed in this release.

About the authors

Jaisha Burr leads the ArcGIS Solutions Enablement team and specializes in user journeys and customer success.


Scott is the ArcGIS Solutions Director and also leads the development of ArcGIS Solutions for State and Local Governments. He has been with Esri since 2008.

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