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Announcing ArcGIS StoryMaps short video series

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ArcGIS StoryMaps short videos: a series of videos sharing little tips that can have a big impact on your storytelling. Throughout this series, each video dives into a specific technique or actionable example aimed at empowering you with skills and knowledge to achieve the best version of your stories using ArcGIS StoryMaps.

So, get ready to be inspired by best practices, innovative approaches, and practical examples from a broad spectrum of storytelling skills. As we continue to grow the offering of videos, you can expect hands-on examples of techniques in a range of topics.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned author, ArcGIS StoryMaps opens a world of possibilities for storytelling. There’s always something new to learn and explore, so check out ArcGIS StoryMaps short videos to elevate your storytelling skills.

Visit the ArcGIS StoryMaps channel for the videos with links to related resources and follow us @ArcGISStoryMaps for news and new video links.

About the authors

I have all sorts of fun creating engaging maps and graphics and then sharing the process. I work from Kitchener, Canada on Esri’s StoryMaps team where those visuals sometimes make their way into immersive place-based stories. When not digging into vectors and pixels, I can generally be found riding around town on two wheels with toddlers in tow.


Michelle Thomas is a communications lead and content strategist on Esri's StoryMaps team. She manages the annual ArcGIS StoryMaps competition, digital platforms, and storytelling campaigns that feature storytellers globally. Prior to joining Esri, Michelle created digital campaigns at the U.S. Interior Department and U.S. Department of Agriculture. She leveraged Esri's storytelling tools at both agencies, tying people, resources, and places together through stories. She joined Esri's StoryMaps team to share those experiences widely and empower storytellers to tell stories that matter.


Andria Olson

Andria Olson is a senior content specialist on Esri's StoryMaps team and a former map librarian at Stanford University. She began using Esri's storytelling tools to learn more about GIS, map collections, and connect with her community as a librarian. Andria found that this community was eager to practice creative freedom while communicating the work that they were doing; she responded by providing workshops and tutorials for students, staff, and faculty. Finding much joy in encouraging others to tell their stories, Andria joined Esri's StoryMaps team in 2022.

From a travel blogger turned GIS professional, Ashley Du (she/her) has been an advocate for helping folks build their network and growing as a professional. She specializes in her GIS work around environmental justice and projects around GIS for equity and social justice. Du also co-founded and leads, Ecos, the sustainability employee resource group at Esri. She believes learning about the world and different cultures is an important way to grow personally and professionally.


Will (he/him) is a Senior Content Specialist on the StoryMaps editorial team. A yinzer born and bred, he is an aficionado of two-lane road trips, Minor League Baseball, malt-forward beer, or any combination thereof.

Cristina Cañizares

Cristina (she/her/ella) is the global outreach specialist on the StoryMaps editorial team. She loves to figure out ways in which stories can reach and impact broader audiences around the world. When she’s not working to make stories more globally accessible, she can be found renovating her city townhouse or teaching kids geography & Español.

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