Summer Internship at Esri

Starting with GIS

During the fall semester of my sophomore year of college, I took an Introduction to Geographical Information Systems class. For the class, we used the desktop application ArcMap, which is one of Esri’s many products. Before taking Introduction to GIS, I did not know about GIS or Esri. But soon, I found myself immersed in a wonderful new world of data visualization.

After using ArcMap and ArcGIS Online for a few months and doing further research about Esri, it became one of my goals to intern there. After two years and three internships in varying disciplines, I finally achieved my goal of interning at Esri. I was delighted to be offered a summer 2022 internship on the Product Writing team.


Desk with Esri swag

SharePoint site for the Product Writing Team

My main task this summer was to create an internal SharePoint site for the Product Writing Team. Before designing this site, the team did not have a primary location for their documentation. Important information was scattered around different sites and was difficult to locate.

I began the task by collecting all the needed documentation and organizing it into different categories. After cataloging the content, it became easier to visualize how to potentially structure the site. I began drafting potential layouts of the site to see which versions would be more efficient. I also met with different Esri employees to get their opinions and assistance with the site.

I wanted the SharePoint site to not only be practical but also serve as a way for the Product Writing team to get to know each other. With the help of a few employees, I was able to create an interactive map on the site that displayed the locations of members of the team and a few fun facts about them. By utilizing information, I collected with ArcGIS Survey123, I was able to take that data and upload it to ArcGIS for SharePoint and create the map.

Product Writers SharePoint site

Other aspects of Internship + UC

Although my internship was remote, I never felt disconnected from my fellow team members or interns. Daily virtual intern events occurred where interns across different teams and locations can interact with each other and other Esri employees.

This summer, I also virtually attended Esri’s User Conference. This conference is the largest GIS conference in the world and gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about different GIS technology. I attended the Plenary, ArcGIS Solution: Emergency Management, and ArcGIS Arcade: An Introduction session, which offered me insight into emerging technologies.

Wrapping it up

Being a member of the Product Writing Team has been an exuberant experience. Everyone at Esri has been very supportive and encouraging. If I had any questions, everyone was very open and willing to assist me. Every day, I found myself learning new information about Esri. Throughout the course of my internship, I met with several employees and got the opportunity to learn about the different products they work on and their experience at Esri.

I am extremely thankful for Esri, my mentors, and team members for giving me such an incredible twelve-week internship. I have not only furthered my knowledge about Esri and GIS, but I also gained new professional skills that will help me in the future. My time at Esri has been nothing but an exhilarating journey.

About the author

I am an Environmental Science major at Pace University. I spent the summer of 2022 interning with the Esri Product Writing team. I have previous experience in EHS & sustainability and digital media. When I am not working you can find me at a concert!

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