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ArcGIS for AutoCAD- The 400 Release

ArcGIS for AutoCAD is available for download here.  ArcGIS for AutoCAD is the the popular free plug-in to AutoCAD from Esri that simplifies the creation, sharing and synchronization of GIS content between AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

You can use it to enrich AutoCAD drawings with ArcGIS maps, imagery, and geographic features.  Like other Esri client software, ArcGIS for AutoCAD provides access to the flexible collaboration, multiuser-editing and the sharing of data within the ArcGIS platform.  Many people re-purpose AutoCAD drawing files as structured ArcGIS content using ArcGIS for AutoCAD to create GIS data, with their familiar AutoCAD software.   This includes directly editing ArcGIS web feature layers using AutoCAD to create edit and maintain ArcGIS data.  With ArcGIS for AutoCAD, AutoCAD becomes a software client of the ArcGIS system.

ArcGIS desktop, mobile clients (like the ArcGIS Collector field application), ArcGIS web maps and apps, and AutoCAD can all be sharing and using the same ArcGIS web services.  Field workers using ArcGIS Collector can be collecting information, and AutoCAD users can access that collected information through the same web feature layers.  Likewise, changes made in AutoCAD can be realized out in the field as well as the rest of the ArcGIS applications that have access to those services.

With ArcGIS for AutoCAD I can:

The newest features of ArcGIS for AutoCAD include:

ArcGIS for AutoCAD is the best way to interoperate between ArcGIS and standard AutoCAD.

To get up to speed with ArcGIS for AutoCAD, I posted this article with tutorial steps and instructional videos to help walk you through some standard workflows using this new release.

You can download the latest version of the free plug-in here now.  And keep this link to the web help close by.

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