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What’s new in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro | November 2023

ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro is an extension for ArcGIS Pro that allows you to perform sophisticated spatial analysis and modeling, including customer and competitor analysis, territory design, target marketing, and site selection.

The ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro team is rounding out the year with the November 2023 release. With this release, we have included a lot of new features and enhancements. Check out our list below for all the details:


New infographic and classic report editor

The ArcGIS Business Analyst team listened to your feedback! We are introducing the capabilities to build and edit infographic and classic report templates in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro using a local dataset. You can access this feature directly from the Business Analysis gallery. Additionally, custom reports authored in ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop can be edited and run in ArcGIS Pro. This will support your migration to Business Analyst Pro and allow you to efficiently produce information for your organization.

Modify and save your infographic template, a new feature in the ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro release


Enhanced territory management capabilities

The Assign Territories pane is now the Modify Territories pane. The pane is redesigned for efficiency to include support for locking, and unlocking territories, viewing base feature attributes, and other common territory management capabilities.

Locked Territories cannot be modified or reassigned during solve operations.

The Modify Territories pane now includes a parent column to illustrate relationships at a glance. The parent column shows territory hierarchy assignments at each level. For example, you can determine which territories belong to districts, or which districts belong to national regions.

Show Parent Territory Column with parent territory assignment.


Improved target marketing

We made several changes and enhancements to target marketing. Let’s take a deeper dive into each one.

Updated Market Potential and Customer Tapestry profile reports.


New cell centroids in Generate Grids and Hexagons

The Generate Grids and Hexagons geoprocessing tool now contains support for grid cell centroids. You can use these points for inputs in other analyses, such as a demand layer in Network Analyst location-allocation, heat map symbolization, and criteria in suitability analysis. Applications of the centroids include analyzing markets in site evaluation, customer marketing, and predictive modeling.

Generate Grids and Hexagons map.


Additional resources

We are so happy to share this release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro with you! Below, you can find additional links that may be useful.

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