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Using custom Infographic panels in Business Analyst

Infographics are a compelling way to visualize key indicators and information in Business Analyst. An infographic template is composed of one or more panels, each containing an infographic element.

Here are some interesting things you can do with infographic panels:

Watch this video to learn more about panels and how to create, use, and share your own custom infographic panels:

Following is the video’s highlight reel. It is a handy reference: if you want to rewatch any specific aspect that was covered, just skip to that point in the video.

0:10 Launch the Build Infographics workflow

0:20 Brief overview of infographic templates

0:34 Introducing custom infographic panels !

0:56 Select variables for your custom infographic panel

1:13 Give your custom infographic panel a suitable title

1:26 Save your custom infographic panel

1:34 Share your custom infographic panel with other users

2:06 Browsing My panels, Shared panels and Standard panels

2:33 Cut, copy and paste panels

Post a comment if you have any questions, or just want to share what you found most useful about custom infographic panels!

About the author

I am a Product Engineer and Writer at Esri, focused primarily on the Business Analyst applications for web, mobile and desktop.

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