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ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer Edition 1.5 Now Available

Version 1.5 of ArcGIS Experience Builder developer edition is now available on the ArcGIS for Developers website. This version picked up the enhancements from the June update of the Online Edition. In addition, three new samples have been added to demonstrate how to use the assets like images, utilize the extension to translate strings, and write the unit testing for widgets, respectively.  Other highlights include the new core concept of Extension points and API reference improvement. Let’s take a closer look at these updates.

Use the assets

It is common to use assets like images and videos in a widget. It is important to note that assets may behave differently based on their sizes and types. For performance purposes, we should load a large image or video dynamically, but inline a small image. The Use assets topic provides guidelines and details on handling assets properly. And the Use assets sample below explains various methods to use png and svg images.

Use assets sample

Extension points

In certain situations, you may want to initialize the third-party libraries or make runtime modifications to your app config. To do so, use the Extension points from Jimu extensions. Although there are a variety of extension points defined in the Jimu library, two commonly used extension points are AppConfigProcessor and DependencyDefine. The former allows you to modify your app config at runtime, like translating strings in the Translation sample, and the latter enables you to use the third-party libraries that require initialization.

Unit testing

As part of the development process, unit testing is important. The Unit testing topic highlights the design principles for unit tests and the testing libraries that you should use based on the types of code that unit tests are targeting for. In general, use Jest for Native TypeScript code, both Jest and @testing-library/react for Native React components and jimu-for-test for Experience Builder widgets. See Show Unit Test widget sample.

API reference

We know a lot of work is needed in the API reference, and we strive to improve it. One of the updates we have made is to show subclasses and parent classes in a consistent way. In addition, you now can easily search the method or class through the API Reference page as shown below:

Search API reference

Breaking changes

Lastly, we’d like to point out a list of breaking changes from the Jimu library in this release. Make sure to check them out before upgrading your apps.

For more information about this release, see What’s new.

Thank you,

The ArcGIS Experience Builder Team

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