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Android Beta of Explorer for ArcGIS is now available

Markup on an Android phone

The anticipated beta of Explorer for ArcGIS is now available on Android, joining iOS in the beta program. With this beta release, we are continuing to bring Explorer to the field, getting digital maps into the hands of mobile workers that need all of their asset and project data online and offline, as well as the ability to mark up the maps and share the markup.

Highlights include:

Like the iOS beta, we are now building the Android app on the ArcGIS Runtime v100x, and as such, have significantly reworked the original app so make sure to test out your workflows. While the Android and iOS betas are both available, they aren’t at the same point in their development. For details on features not yet available in this Android Beta, see iOS Beta 3 and Android Beta 1 differences on GeoNet.

How do I join the beta program for Android? Head on over to our GeoNet post to get started.
Looking to join the iOS beta instead? In that case, check out our other GeoNet post.
Don’t know where we are taking Explorer? We understand, we’ve been busy too. Go check out our initial beta announcement and vision.

Explorer on an Android tablet

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