What's New in ArcGIS GeoBIM (June 2022 Release)



ArcGIS GeoBIM enables teams to connect geospatial data with design and construction information for seeing building information modeling (BIM) projects and assets in context. Architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and operations teams can easily work with linked data and documentation using configurable web apps.

The June 2022 release applies performance enhancements, user experience improvements, and new support for the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) open file format.


Release Highlights

New History tab and performance reports in Tools

Within a new History tab under Tools, users can now easily view the step-by-step progress of running and completed jobs.

If there are any errors requiring attention, users can conveniently export error reports with the click of a button. These reports can optionally be sent to Esri for technical support.

An animation showing a successfully completed job under the new History tab in Tools, as well as one with errors that users can download reports.


Enhanced georeferencing tools

This release delivers enhancements to the way documents and BIM project boundaries are automatically georeferenced as polygons from stored BIM content. Applying refinements will continue to be a priority in future releases.

Support for reading IFC files has now been introduced for users looking to add the open file format to their projects.


New support for IFC files

Users of ArcGIS GeoBIM can now use the Locate Engineering Documents tool to search for IFC stored in the Autodesk Construction Cloud®. This expands on support beyond RVT (BIM) and DWG (CAD) file formats. When running the tool, ArcGIS GeoBIM will automatically map polygons for their location. For optimal results, ensure that you include projection (PRJ) files within the directory to help bring these datasets to their real-world location.

A screenshot showing the Locate Engineering Documents tool for DWG, RVT, and now IFC models.


New support for WLD3 files

In addition to past support for PRJ files, ArcGIS GeoBIM now reads WLD3 files stored with your BIM and CAD files. If your digital model does not have any location information included natively, you can create a WLD3 file in ArcGIS Pro when georeferencing. This file can be stored with your models in the Autodesk Construction Cloud and supported by ArcGIS GeoBIM for accurately locating your documents and issues.


Additional enhancements to georeferencing


Enhanced schedule activity linking

Within the Links tab, users can now configure link rules between time-enabled schedule layers and related features. These can be used to build connections between your schedule activities, GIS data, and related BIM documents.

The Time Widget for end-users has also been enhanced to simplify how teams visualize the playback of schedule dates, based on values available within a map or scene. ArcGIS GeoBIM App users can visualize schedule data through this Time Widget. Alternatively, users can select the schedule layer from the Data Viewer and open each schedule activity for start, progress, and completion details.

An animation showing the Time Widget for visualizing the playback of schedule dates, Data Viewer, and linked documentation.


Changes to Dashboard App template

This release resolves a compatibility issue of dashboard components within ArcGIS GeoBIM Apps. All new apps created with this release and moving forward will contain updated components.

Users with existing dashboards in ArcGIS GeoBIM prior to this June 2022 release are advised to apply a minor edit to the layout based on this Known Issue.

A screenshot of the ArcGIS GeoBIM Dashboard App interface showing various charts and a view of georeferenced BIM data in a 3D web scene.
The updated Dashboard App (right) now contains components for improved compatibility. Users with active dashboards prior to the June 2022 release (left) are advised to edit and save the template to enable changes.


Known Issue

Optimizing support for the Autodesk Construction Cloud® API

There are ongoing efforts being made to support API changes impacting ArcGIS GeoBIM Issues with Autodesk Construction Cloud projects. There is currently no impact on ArcGIS GeoBIM users working with Autodesk® BIM 360® projects.

This work is continuing, and changes will not be visible to users. The Locate Issues capability in the Autodesk Construction Cloud is currently unsupported at this time.


Additional Learning Resources


Join the Esri Community

Post questions and share your feedback on this release in the Esri Community for ArcGIS GeoBIM. Get solutions and advice from Esri experts, as well as others using ArcGIS GeoBIM on projects and workflows.

About the authors

Anthony Renteria

Anthony Renteria is Sr. Product Manager for BIM & CAD interoperability across ArcGIS focused on the project delivery and operations life cycle. He is currently working with customers interested in GIS & BIM integrations that enhance their workflows, provide better engagement opportunities, and transform how project data is useful to downstream activities. While working in industry for 15+ years, he was responsible for assisting AEC teams with project technology planning while integrating innovative solutions to complete tasks faster and with improved quality. Anthony is CM-BIM certified (AGC of America) and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California.


Geoff is Senior Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS GeoBIM and GIS/BIM interoperability at Esri. With 10+ years working in the technology and sustainability sectors, he has supported the go-to-market and growth efforts of several enterprise cloud solutions. First encountering GIS during his Environmental Management studies, Geoff has always had a passion for design, innovation, and sustainable practices.

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