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Predict & Assess Impact of Water Spills from Catastrophic Main Breaks Using InfoWater 2D

by Rajan Ray, Director of Marketing and Client Service Manager, Innovyze

On any given day, if you perform a google search on “water main break” you will find a long list of recent news coverage documenting the ensuing damages including flooding, power loss, sinkholes, traffic disruptions, business closings, etc. In the U.S. alone, drinking water systems have over 237,600 water main breaks occurring every year. An estimated seven billion gallons of clean drinking water are wasted every day — a staggering 2.6 trillion gallons annually. Catastrophic water main breaks can result in anywhere from millions to billions of dollars in damages including disastrous litigations.

GIS-integrated hydraulic modeling software (InfoWater) has toolsets to evaluate water main breaks/leaks but not to the extent of evaluating the impact of an above-ground water spill (where much of the damage occurs)…that is, until recently.  Last week, Innovyze announced the availability of InfoWater 2D, a geospatial water distribution network management solution for accurate two-dimensional (2D) above-ground modeling of water spill from main breaks.  Built atop ArcGIS, InfoWater 2D provides engineers the ability to predict and assess potential water spill extent, depth and velocity throughout the flooded area, with results viewable as graphs, tables and/or animated thematic flood maps.


Users can also add parcel maps with property values as well as curves of depth versus property damage to assess the impact of flooding resulting from catastrophic water main breaks. This information is important for insurance-related property valuation, utility liability, and other financial implications. It is also critical in enabling water utilities and municipalities to proactively identify water mains with the potential for the worst damage and prepare effective emergency response plans.

InfoWater 2D provides water utilities the flexibility to continue to use the industry-leading and award-winning InfoWater ArcGIS-centric water distribution network modeling solution with added new power to rapidly quantify and prepare for the impact of water spill from main breaks and large leaks.  For more information, go to http://www.innovyze.com/products/infowater_2d/

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