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The American Water Resource Association Specialty Conference on GIS will be held in New Orleans next week. The ESRI Hydro team will be getting there early, and staying late, so if you want to say “Hi,” here’s where we’ll be:

On Sunday, March 25, Dean Djokic is leading his famous workshop on hydrologic and hydraulic modeling in GIS. This is a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience with a broad swath of GIS

On Monday, Aquaveo and the BYU team will present new developments in Arc Hydro Groundwater at 1:30, and at 3:30 there will be a discussion of World Water Online moderated by Dr. David
Maidment. WWO is an exciting new collaboration between ESRI and the University of Texas that will bring global water resource data and H&H modeling into the web.  Also, don’t miss Gonzalo
Espinoza’s poster about using Mexico as a test case for the WWO framework

On Tuesday, there will be two special sessions hosted by the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI). Water resource analysis is only as good as the data
you have, and CUASHI has developed a whole suite of tools for publishing and discovering hydrologic data on the web. These tools use WaterML as a lingua franca, and work seamlessly with the Arc
Hydro data model.

On Wednesday, Stephanie Johnson will be moderating a discussion of how ArcMap’s Schematic Processor can be used for water quality modeling. This powerful new tool has been discussed on the
Hydro Blog here, and we look forward to a lively discussion of its future potential.

Thursday and Friday, at the same hotel, the USGS will be hosting a conference about the National Hydrography Dataset, an authoritative source of GIS data for the United States. If you are
interested in contributing to or consuming this invaluable resource, the NHD Stewardship Conference is the perfect place to learn about its capabilities and future direction.

See you in New Orleans!

Thanks to Daniel Siegel for providing this post.

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