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Last update: April 23, 2024

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A story map (whether in “classic” or “modern” ArcGIS StoryMap mode) is an Esri medium for sharing not only data, photos, videos, sounds, and maps, but for telling a specific and compelling story by way of that content. This is all done with sophisticated cartographic functionality that does not require advanced training in cartography or GIS. Therefore the beauty of Esri story maps is that, depending on the chosen complexity, they can be built in anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, using the free public accounts and data available within ArcGIS Online. Story maps are essentially applications built from web maps which in turn are built from web-accessible data (including OGC WMS, WFS). With the beauty and utility of underlays such as the Esri Ocean Basemap, as well as a small tsunami of ocean content percolating up through free public accounts on ArcGIS Online, and on premium subscription accounts, it’s no wonder that we are seeing an “ocean” of interesting story maps.

Hot! This story map is about ArcGIS Hub, a new technology currently in worldwide adoption, for creating and publishing open data in an easy and accessible way. See this great Hub example from NOAA NCCOS on Living Shipwrecks in 3D, or the Alaska’s Coastal Mapping Strategy, or the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy, or the Caribbean Coastal Critical Infrastructure Hub, as well as this gallery of Ocean Hubs, many of which include story maps. Hot!

HOT! The new ArcGIS StoryMap COLLECTIONS are a wonderful way to experience a series of storymaps, allowing you to go sequentially from one story to the next if you would like. See these favorites:

BELOW is a catalog of my FAVORITE ocean/coastal story maps, both “classic” and “modern,” for your enjoyment (use the “Find” feature of your browser, normally control-F, to search the entries):

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See also the GROUP in ArcGIS Online and the COLLECTION compiled for the 2017 Ocean GIS Forum.

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Dawn Wright joined Esri as Chief Scientist in October 2011, after 17 years as a Professor of Geography and Oceanography at Oregon State University. As Esri Chief Scientist, she is responsible for strengthening the scientific foundation for Esri software and services, while representing Esri to the international scientific community. Dawn also remains on the faculty of Oregon State University. Over the past 30 years she has developed and participated in several initiatives around the world to map, analyze, and preserve ocean terrains and ecosystems, and was elected to both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, as well as the American Academy of Arts & Sciences for this work. Aside from GIS, Dawn is very much into road cycling, apricot green tea gummy bears, 18th-century pirates, her puppy Riley, and SpongeBob Squarepants.


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