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Capacity Building

A young man and woman in an office looking at information on a computer monitor

Build community capacity

Nurture developers, business talent, and innovation. Train staff and stakeholders and enable easy and affordable access to spatial data and tools, and mentor the next generation of leaders and integrated geospatial infrastructure users.

Empower the next generation

  • A multicolored illustration of map with regions colored in red, blue, and purple

    National Geographic Society

    The National Geographic Society and Esri have partnered to cultivate empathy for the earth among youth and elevate the voices of young leaders.
  • A young female teacher at a desk with two students teaching in front of a laptop

    Education for a brighter future

    Mapping and spatial analysis enhance learning in schools and aid administrators.
  • A young man and woman in front of a laptop with the man pointing at the screen

    Teach with GIS

    This site offers resources for educators with little-to-no GIS experience to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.
  • An illustration of a woman touching a map and snippets of graphs and data around her

    ArcGIS tutorials

    Discover guided tutorials based on real-world problems.

Build capacity

Provide data, tools, training, mentorship, and more to communities to create the next generation of geospatial infrastructure leaders and users.

  • A gray global map with circles and data inside representing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    The Open SDG Data Hub promotes the exploration, analysis, and use of authoritative Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) data sources for advocacy.
  • A man at a desk typing on a keyboard and looking at a laptop and a large computer monitor

    Open Data DC developers starter kit

    Washington, DC's Open Data hub offers a wealth of resources for developers.

Building capacity in practice

Celebrate good work by good people.

  • Engaging scientists through data sharing

    The US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service is sharing an ecosystem of data among the farming and research community.
  • A closeup of a blue insect with large eyes and an antenna

    Conservation in the Era of Data and Analytics

    NatureServe's Map of Biodiversity Importance puts data in the hands of scientists so they can take action on saving places that matter.

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