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Asset Management

Esri's solutions allow facility and asset managers, executives, and operations professionals to collect data, track their assets and performance, maintain historical records, and sustain an accurate inventory. GIS provides invaluable real-time information to improve the way architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals run facilities, deliver preventive maintenance, monitor sites, and track natural environment improvement projects. Proper asset life cycle management ensures that a project fulfills its mission throughout its expected life-span.


Data collection and management

Collect and update data, create dynamic forms, follow your data collection activities, or even assign a task and coordinate your operations. Eliminate paper forms with risk of errors; now everything is available in mobile and dynamic format throughout the ArcGIS system.

Monitoring and performance

Interconnected applications provide a better overview—a global real-time picture of the performance of your assets and their maintenance so you can better plan for future changes.

Total cost of ownership

With the use of GIS-based and location-aware asset management, it is possible to reduce overall costs instead of waiting until the assets fail, incurring higher than necessary costs.

Advanced workflows

Use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big-data methods to gain insights into assets and operations. Make better decisions effecting the life-span of assets that make up a building, or projects that make up an entire portfolio.


3D GIS for asset management

LandTech Consultants performs surveys for water and wastewater treatment plants, delivering building information models (BIM) integrated with GIS.

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