Esri solutions take project construction management to a new level with the ability to monitor progress in maps, dashboards, and web apps fed from real-time location intelligence data sources. Construction teams make proactive, informed decisions from relevant data anytime and anywhere. GIS software allows office and mobile users to access survey and field data in real time, replacing inefficient and disconnected workflows. During construction, as the connected data environment is enriched, a digital twin is enabled. At project handover, the asset is physically and digitally delivered, ensuring a long-term relationship with the client.



Scheduling and planning

Adding the element of location to the process of managing the schedule and methods enables new insights that lead to better projects. GIS helps planners and schedulers prepare and execute the project plan in a predictable, safe, cost- and schedule-conscious manner.


Supply chain logistics

Construction requires addressing complex supply chain challenges—an area where GIS is the proven solution.


Jobsite workflows

From handheld data collection to integrated software solutions combining reality capture with issues identification, ArcGIS improves jobsite workflows during construction.


Project handover

GIS-enabled project delivery for construction ensures a better operated facility and lays the foundation for an ongoing relationship between the client and the builder.


GIS enhances construction surveying

Engineering firm FSC, Inc., and its clients have a powerful new tool to enhance data and project management, quality control, and cost reduction.

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