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Modernizing aviation organizations with GIS

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Aeronautical information management is essential for safe and efficient operations in a country's national airspace system. Aviation organizations leverage geographic information system (GIS) technology to accurately maintain their aeronautical data and integrate that data with other aviation mission systems. Authorities are developing new ways to deliver aviation mapping data with GIS as they migrate away from product-centric environments to a data-focused digital platform.

A stronger foundation for authoritative aviation information

Aviation organizations leverage Esri's geospatial platform to:

  • Effectively manage their aeronautical information and products.
  • Deliver safe and efficient operations at airports.
  • Reduce the impact on the environment, wildlife, and pollution with tools to collect, map, analyze, and monitor flight traffic data.
A photo of a white air traffic control tower against a clear blue sky

Modernizing the national airspace system

Location plays a critical role in today's modern air traffic network, supporting both the regulatory and operational requirements of aviation organizations. Today's organizations need to be responsive, provide trusted data, operate with peak efficiency, and interoperate with all stakeholders.


Ensure that your organization can be responsive to the dynamic nature of aviation.


Deliver timely and trusted information to your internal and external stakeholders to foster collaboration.


Become more efficient in aligning staff, processes, and technology as greater demands are placed on the air traffic system.

Open and interoperable

Support innovation with ArcGIS—an open, flexible, and interoperable platform. Esri supports open standards for data, services, and metadata.

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