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Public Works and GIS, a Retrospective of 2021 Success Stories

It’s the time of year, end of one – beginning of another, to gain some inspiration by reviewing the top success stories of Public Works GIS in 2021. As challenging as 2021 was for all of us, the innovative uses of the geographic approach and GIS to help organizations do more with less, increase efficiencies, digitally transform, and replace manual paper-based workflows, are amazing. As we move into 2022, let’s emulate these innovations and see how we can all raise the bar in our work with GIS in Public Works. Here are the top Public Works GIS success stories of 2021. Click on the links below to read the entire story.

2021 was a challenging year for many reasons, but it created increased opportunities to implement data-driven decision making powered by ArcGIS and the geographic approach to create more smart communities. These examples from municipalities large and small show the accessibility to advanced technology like drones, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are here to stay and help produce real business value to public works organizations. For more information on how you can use these inspiring ArcGIS success stories to transform your Public Works organization, please visit:

These are only a few examples of exciting and innovative stories from our users this past year. The stories that appear on our industry webpages, in our industry digital and print newsletters, and in our other industry-focused content are contributed by Esri software users, partners, and others. These stories are meant to help you raise the profile of GIS both inside and outside your organization, showcase innovative approaches to solving challenges with GIS, and above all inspire others to replicate your success. If you have a story to tell, we welcome you to submit your recent success with us at

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Adam Carnow

Adam Carnow is a Community Evangelist at Esri. He is a keynote speaker, thought leader and technology evangelist, helping organizations get the most out of their GIS investment, and make a difference in their communities. He inspires customers to maximize their return on investment in the ArcGIS platform. He works closely with the Esri teams and Partners to assure customer success. He helps these organizations use the ArcGIS platform to transform from mapmakers into solution providers, through the application of location intelligence, to deliver spatial insight. He strives to assist customers in creating and reaching their vision, and gaining professional recognition for their efforts, like awards, presentations, articles and videos. Mr. Carnow has over 25 years of experience as a GIS practitioner in the public and private sectors, as well as academia. He holds a BA in Geography, and a MA in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida, and has achieved certification as an Urban Planner (AICP) and GIS Professional (GISP).


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