Conservation organizations face increasingly multifaceted challenges to biodiversity preservation efforts in our rapidly changing world. Modern conservation technologies enable efficient and increasingly real-time observations to monitor natural areas, leading to new insights and understanding through conservation science. Grounded in the fabric of geography, conservation GIS enables improved understanding of the complex web of threats, opportunities, and challenges facing our natural world.

Geospatial infrastructure for conservation

Following more than 50 years of continual software development, ArcGIS is the world's most comprehensive toolset for conservation professionals. Advanced conservation science reveals insights into complex environmental challenges to improve our understanding of the interdependencies of native species and human activity and advises strategies to mitigate threats presented by climate change and unmanaged development. ArcGIS equips conservation professionals with maps and apps optimized for common conservation workflows, underpinned with a vast collection of open and analysis-ready geospatial data to augment and enrich local and global biodiversity conservation efforts.

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Conservation technologies

ArcGIS provides a comprehensive set of technology solutions for efficient, science-backed conservation programs.


ArcGIS offers integrated mobile apps for planning, conducting, and analyzing field observations with integrated workforce management tools to take your mobile work to scale.


Manage vast datasets with ease in secure cloud or hybrid data stores to power real-time dashboards of conservation operations, enhanced with content from the vast ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.


Discover new conservation dynamics through modeling our natural world with the most comprehensive and open set of analytical methods and spatial algorithms available.


Accelerate effective partnerships and public engagement with shared maps, apps, and stories to inform broad and transparent conservation initiatives working to address wicked problems.

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The 2021 virtual Esri User Conference, July 12–15, convenes global conservation professionals sharing best practices and innovations in conservation technology. 

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Learn ArcGIS

There are numerous pathways to build up your ArcGIS expertise. Learn ArcGIS Lessons are modular, self-paced training exercises that focus on specific conservation methods and technologies. For a more formal instructor-led experience, the Esri training team offers traditional virtual and in-person courses. Esri training consultants provide complimentary planning services to identify options that will best meet an organization's immediate, short-term, and long-term workforce training needs.

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Our Community

Stay updated on the good work taking place in the conservation GIS community supporting life on earth. Learn about high-impact conservation science programs and biodiversity preservation efforts through innovative applications of conservation technology from the global conservation GIS community.

Esri Conservation Program

For more than three decades, the Esri Conservation Program has provided technology and training assistance to conservation professionals around the globe.

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