Mobile Broadband Interoperability

ArcGIS is built and proven on fixed and mobile broadband networks

Esri solutions on dedicated broadband networks

Dedicated and preemptive broadband networks empower first responders with reliable access to voice, text, data, and video when and where they need it. These networks enable increased awareness—an ability to understand, analyze, and share conditions, assets, and hazards in near real time for true situational awareness.


Esri provides a complete solution suite for the most mission-critical operational challenges. When incidents occur, you will be ready to respond with a set of integrated tools for situational awareness, impact analysis, damage assessment, operational briefings, and public information. And they've been proven on FirstNet built by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks.

Powerful solutions for preemptive broadband deployments

Whether you use a preemptive broadband network all the time or only in major events, Esri solutions are proven in the networks, including both fixed and portably deployed. Governments lean on Esri for asset tracking and field collection or to monitor data like weather, social media, and traffic.

Situational awareness

Without situational awareness, changing conditions can negatively impact your decisions. Esri provides real-time data, like traffic and weather, enabling you to securely share and integrate information. Improve workflows with tools that can help leverage resources and save lives.

Information sharing

With ArcGIS, you can consume and analyze information, including real-time sensor data. Your data can be shared through ArcGIS Enterprise portal, the web, or hybrid configurations. Securely protect your information while providing the public with important details.

Data analytics

ArcGIS allows you to visualize and analyze data geographically. Enhance your data with Esri's collection of global information, and use ArcGIS to accurately measure, spot patterns, and identify relationships. You can also plan routes and perform site analysis.

Field mobility

Use the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in the field. Decrease or even replace reliance on outdated paper intelligence while ensuring tasks are completed using safe, authoritative data to reduce errors.


Field-tested—Building a common operating picture

San Antonio public safety manages large events and relies on FirstNet and Esri to provide the bandwidth needed to create a common operating picture.

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