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Land Administration

ArcGIS software delivers commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for land administration, cadastre, and valuation functions. It increases efficiency, improves data quality, and better conveys the status of every project. Improve service delivery, make better decisions, and complete tasks faster.


Leaving behind outdated legacies

Racine County, Wisconsin, used ArcGIS to help create a new engagement with the public and retool internal operations. ArcGIS streamlined access to information, integrated registry and assessment, and increased overall efficiency.

Public relations

Provide real-time access to answers and information to strengthen public trust.

Assessment and valuation

Understand how location impacts property values, and use spatial analytics to improve valuations.

Field operations

Easily schedule, manage, and route your field staff to improve efficiencies.


Increase efficiency, maintain parcel history, and improve data integrity with purpose-built workflows. 

Specialized Apps

Value Analysis Dashboard

Access to all your valuation and property information in a single location to easily identify outliers, sales ratios, cost per square foot, and value changes over time.

Learn more about Value Analysis Dashboard

Parcel Editing Suite

Improve cadastral data with specialized apps. Better examine deeds, validate property descriptions, and publish property information using purpose-built workflows.

Learn more about parcel editing apps

Public engagement suite

Inform the public with a modern set of maps and apps specifically designed to aid public access to information such as tax, parcel, or comparable land sales data.

Learn more about the public engagement suite


Esri partners offer specialied solutions built on ArcGIS to solve your real-world challenges.

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