Territory planning and management

In today's fast-paced business climate, insurers work to continually expand market share and increase customer retention. Spatially enabled insurers leverage powerful location-based data and tools for sales territory planning, management, and optimization. These tools help align sales teams with agency partners to achieve sustainable growth.

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Capabilities for agencies


Reveal key market opportunities

Leverage spatial insights to uncover hyperlocal customer behavior and demand and business intelligence around competitors. Map, analyze, and share key metrics like sales volume and market share with sales departments and agency partners.

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Streamline sales operations

Utilize location intelligence to help design dynamic sales territories, producing optimal results. Effectively manage trade areas based on factors like proximity, accessibility, volume, and market potential to ensure resources are fully aligned with growth targets.

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Develop strategies for maximum growth

Centralize agency relationships with integrated, single-view, spatially enabled web tools. Assist sales territories and partner networks in visualizing and managing complex data from different places.

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Halo forecasting with AI

The technique of halo forecasting is a major leap in retail planning. It will change the way executives plan a business.

Insurance strategies

Discover location-based insurance strategies that transform the policy life cycle at every stage

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