Business Resilience

Improve continuity and safety

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Location intelligence to thrive in a chaotic world

Insurance companies face increasingly complex challenges, from global health crises to economic and political volatility. Minimize these impacts by using spatial analytics technology that helps proactively mitigate risks before threats happen. Build a dynamic framework for business resilience to analyze, visualize, monitor, and adapt to disruptions.


Business continuity planning

Increase resilient business practices

Use authoritative spatial insights to strengthen core processes before disruptions impact operations. Location intelligence helps provide an adaptive framework to uncover business vulnerabilities with enhanced spatial analytics that empowers leaders to understand exposure and implement robust contingency plans.

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Manage risks with scalable analytics

Give risk teams location technology and spatial capabilities to help them analyze and visualize their exposure to a wide spectrum of risks at scale, from regional trends to site-specific needs.

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Ensure workforce safety and security

Create resilient businesses and empower leaders who understand the importance of workplace safety for employees, customers, and the continuity of operations. Security Operations teams rely on location intelligence to operationalize their different threat feeds and safety plans into a single integrated view for coordination and planning.

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Achieve higher environmental standards

Increase your organization's resilience to natural disasters by using spatial analysis to avoid potentially hazardous locations and negative environmental practices.

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Foster inclusive and equitable workforces

Reveal opportunities for businesses with spatial insights to foster racial equity and inclusion within the workplace. Discover hidden patterns and visualize opportunities to further equitable hiring practices in your workforce, ensure opportunities for career expansion and growth, improve the supply chain, and implement enterprise-wide initiatives.

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As wildfire risk grows, so does business concern

Faced with mounting uncertainty around wildfires, globally recognized brands are reporting the risk in their 10-K filings for the first time.

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