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Drive transformation in insurance

A heat map in yellow and pink on a black background overlaid with a closeup photo of a drone in flight

The future of insurance data science starts here

Unlock the full potential of your investments in data, technology, and hardware with powerful tools for spatial analyses. Discover how spatial thinking helps data scientists overcome daunting technical hurdles, from implementing telematics software to analyze and assess driving behaviors for pay per mile products to contextualizing big data for more precise predicative analytics.


Capabilities for insurance innovation

Unlock actionable insights from your imagery

Move from reactive to proactive with the help of spatially enabled workflows for deep learning and imagery analysis. Understand the impact of natural disasters and severe weather events in hours with ready-to-use tools for imagery change detection that empower insurers to virtually assess the impact to their customers.

A graphic of a computer monitor displaying an aerial photo of a suburban neighborhood with several houses highlighted in red and green

Lead the way in usage-based insurance

Contextualize inordinate amounts of disparate data on historic risks using location intelligence and real-time sensors. Insurers can take full advantage of advancements around in-vehicle telematics and mobile application data with spatial tools to generate dynamic risk and refine usage-based insurance (UBI) pricing models.

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Assess remote or hazardous areas from the sky

Quickly and safely conduct damage assessments with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other remote sensing platforms. Multiply the efficiency of your claims adjusters and guide payout decisions by generating 2D and 3D pictures of impacted properties.

A graphic of a computer monitor displaying an aerial photo of a suburban neighborhood

Turn complexity into clarity

Overcome the challenges of big data analysis with robust analytical workflows to streamline data science from collection to dissemination. Unite massive amounts of disparate data streams from historical perils, risk models, and real-time sensors into an integrated view to see valuable patterns hidden in the data.

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Telematics is the future

Using telematics smartly, we can create a better driving experience while using resources more effectively and increasing throughput on our roads.

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