Risk Management

Discover and mitigate hidden perils

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Understand the impact before losses occur

Insurance companies face an expanding risk landscape that threatens the profitability and solvency of their portfolios. Innovative firms overcome these challenges by using location intelligence to contextualize and manage accumulated risks, generate reports, and run interactive simulations.


Capabilities for risk management

Extract scalable insights

Enable insurance risk managers to generate hyperlocal and dynamic accumulation models, helping underwriters make more informed decisions with Esri's software. Seamlessly combine metrics across market locations to gain a holistic picture of the total risk exposure.

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Track emerging crises

Gain an unparalleled situational awareness around catastrophic (CAT) events before, during, and after they occur with Esri's catastrophe management solutions. Monitor emergencies in near real time, anticipate policyholder impact, and keep decision-makers informed with up-to-date reporting. 

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Guide informed decision-making

Extract, curate, and securely share actionable insights to key stakeholders using dashboards, infographics, and interactive reports with the help of location intelligence.

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Executives add prediction to planning

The cost of natural disasters nearly doubled in 2020. Those that had incorporated predictive analysis of climate risk were better prepared.

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