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3D Visualization and Imaging

Create intelligent 3D models to plan, construct, and manage buildings

An aerial view of a 3D rendering of a city with skyscrapers shaded orange and red, beside a matching arial photo of a real city

Digital property design and management

Digitally transform your real estate property management workflows with 3D models and stunning renderings throughout design, construction, and marketing. Enable your prospective tenants and clients to visualize their business in your space with high-quality, fully rendered 3D models for virtual walk-throughs—on any device, anywhere.

3D visualization and imaging capabilities

Create intelligent 3D building models

Build intelligent, interactive renderings of your projects that bring together critical building data from multiple silos in disparate formats. ArcGIS GeoBIM allows architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); real estate; and planning professionals to see how assets will fit and interact within the surrounding neighborhood and infrastructure. 

Graphic of a computer monitor displaying a complex geometric model of interconnected pipes and wires in red, yellow, and green

Virtually tour a property from anywhere

3D visualization allows potential tenants and buyers to virtually tour properties anywhere, on any device. Use Scene Viewer within ArcGIS to create beautiful, 3D-rendered virtual models of homes, office spaces, developments, or neighborhoods. Enable potential clients and investors to envision their future in your space.

Explore the Scene Viewer tool
Graphic of a computer monitor displaying a 3D model of an office building in white and purple on a green tree-filled background

Unlock the value of IoT data

Today, billions of sensors are generating data from smart buildings, assets, and devices around the world. Professionals use ArcGIS to harness that data, enabling strategic decisions about properties and projects. Leverage advanced analytics within ArcGIS—such as machine leaning and artificial intelligence—to reveal patterns, connections, and opportunities from high-velocity data from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Learn how to use IoT data
Graphic of a computer monitor displaying an aerial photo of an urban city with several buildings highlighted in purple, red, or yellow


Clients get 3D tours and market insight

Challenged by client expectations for data-rich, 3D visualizations of properties and markets, Cushman & Wakefield created PRISM, a location-smart app.

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