Portfolio Management

Access insights about all your assets, anywhere, on any device

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Supercharge property management with GIS

Using thousands of global datasets, investors and property managers can quickly understand how their real estate investments are performing across town or around the world. Quickly access precise local data about all your real estate assets, on any device, anywhere, anytime. Access information on occupancy, building maintenance, property valuation, and more.

Portfolio management capabilities

Manage investment portfolios in real time

Property managers rely on precise local knowledge about their assets across geographies. ArcGIS maps and dashboards help managers see—in real-time—relevant data that can affect properties. Streamline investment management with access to all relevant data about every asset in your portfolio, on any device, anywhere.

Improve property management
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Visualize every property in one application

Create interactive applications and analyses that bring together all relevant data about your properties into one place. Combine hyperlocal data from Esri with your own property-specific data to build interactive maps, dashboards, and infographics that make property-level insights available to every stakeholder and manager.

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See property values by market and location

Every property's value is influenced by neighborhood and market dynamics. With ArcGIS, investors and portfolio managers can visualize and quickly understand how local market conditions are affecting their investments. Maximize your real estate investments by visualizing and sharing insights that can uncover hidden opportunities and mitigate costly mistakes.

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GIS'ing Property Management

Find out how to supercharge property management workflows with Esri technology.

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