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Access authoritative geographic data, analytics, and maps

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Support your teams with centralized maps and data

Real estate teams require access to precise, authoritative data to create state-of-the-art marketing materials and engaging analyses. Provide your brokers and executives with access to curated, authoritative spatial data about their properties and assets with ArcGIS. Easily create and share maps and applications across the enterprise to speed up decisions and close deals. 

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Showcase properties with digital tools

Every property has a story to tell. Make your stories the ones clients notice with compelling maps and beautiful infographics and interactive maps. Catch the attention of investors with professional digital marketing materials that can be accessed on any device, at any time.

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Capture property and market data anywhere

Capture property and facility data in the field, on any device, in real time. Bring information into your enterprise as authoritative data to expedite decisions, improve efficiency, and drive return on investment (ROI). Enrich your company's intelligence, one location at a time, with ArcGIS data collection capabilities.

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Access authoritative maps & analysis anytime

Spatial insights about properties and portfolios empower brokers and executives. ArcGIS provides your entire enterprise with the data, maps, infographics, and analysis they need to answer questions and close deals. Leverage ArcGIS to enable a centralized, curated source of location-specific spatial data that your teams can access for decision support and client engagement.

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Cushman & Wakefield upgrades data visualization

Data visualization, powered by Esri and Adobe, is a key tool that helps the company win new business and provide clients with insight and support.

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