IT Network Mapping and Visualization

Optimize information technology infrastructure planning and assessment

A simple street map with telecom lines shaded blue and yellow, overlaid with a photo of a casually-dressed person with an intent expression using a laptop in a home office

A digital twin of processes, workforce, and tech

Visualize the relationships between physical infrastructure and digital systems

Technology companies must ensure that their IT infrastructure is operating at optimal levels; be adaptable to changing user requirements; and maintain resilience during incidents, both physical and digital. A digital twin—a virtual representation of the IT infrastructure assessment, grounded in accurate location data—provides a revolutionary way to quickly assess network status, plan upgrades, take action to resolve issues, and better serve staff and customers.


Enhance operations and improve responsiveness

Optimize network planning

Bring data to life in dynamic maps of IT assets for enhanced operational visibility. Understand IT infrastructure data in geographic context to quickly simulate network changes and assess asset status, risks, and downstream impacts.

A map dashboard with a country map and various graphs and lists of data

Gain fast spatial analysis

Get answers faster by querying data in dynamic maps. Access IT infrastructure, weather, workforce, and other data in one system to better inform operational decisions. Use historic IT network performance data filtered by site and system to identify persistent points where issues occur and enhance network infrastructure planning.

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Deliver real-time response

Quickly triage disruptions and prioritize response activities with a location-based view of all IT systems and the business processes they support. Fully understand the real-time operational status of a network in any region, the path of a storm, or an outage area to quickly answer questions about the network and inform response activities.

A map dashboard with a country map and various graphs and lists of data


The holy grail of IT—A digital twin

A revolutionary IT mapping technique is changing how CIOs view a complex IT puzzle.

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