Supply Chain Operations and Analysis

Supply chain mapping, visualization, and optimization for high-tech companies

A gray city map with street routes shaded in yellow and orange, overlaid with a photo of a person in a hardhat and safety vest holding a tablet

A holistic view of supply chain operations

Unify data for greater operational awareness and transparency

In an increasingly complex supply chain ecosystem, gain a comprehensive view of supply networks with smart maps that represent supplier and logistics data including materials, sources, and flow of goods. Dashboards feature spatial analytics that reveal the relationships among these variables, inform strategic decisions, and foster business resilience. Trace goods to ensure compliance with fair trade and labor practices and more easily support environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.


Bring clarity to the supply chain

Map supply chain operations

See more than dots on a map. Unite disparate datasets in a geographic information system (GIS) to gain a single view of complex operations. Visualize flow of goods and all nodes of the supply network. Overlay weather, traffic, and other dynamic data to understand shifting conditions.

A world map in white and gray with flight routes shown in green

Build up-to-date traceability

Understand where and how suppliers are sourcing material and ensure fair labor practices to maintain organizational standards and reduce liability. Gain visibility into the life cycle of goods, from origin to final product.

A world map in white and gray with flight routes shown in green

Monitor logistics operations

Optimize the flow of goods among customers, retailers, and distributors. Get real-time alerts when unexpected activities occur and take swift action to resolve problems.

A pale green and blue topographical map with areas of concentration colored purple and orange

Assess network risk

Understand risk exposure as local climates change, weather shifts, and political events unfold. Overlay risk data on supply chain maps to predict where disruptions could cause delays and take steps to ensure business continuity.

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Monitoring the global supply chain in real time

For executives overseeing a global supply chain, operational awareness comes from real-time dashboards.

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