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Your ArcGIS Online subscription allows you to browse the world’s most extensive online geographic resource and discover maps and data about thousands of topics. Combine online content with your data to enrich your analysis and make new discoveries.

Access ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is a modern, fast, and powerful desktop GIS application. You can create beautiful maps in 2D and 3D and perform powerful geospatial analysis. This brand new 64-bit desktop application can work side-by-side with ArcMap, is licensed via your ArcGIS Online subscription, and accessed with your named user credentials.

Share your GIS

ArcGIS Online provides you with a platform for sharing your GIS work with your entire organization or the public.

What Do I Get?

For each license of ArcGIS Desktop on maintenance, you get one (1) named user, and 100 service credits per year. If your organization already has an ArcGIS Online subscription, the named user is added to your existing subscription and the service credits are added to your existing pool.

Need your ArcGIS Online activation code?

If you have an ArcGIS Desktop license on maintenance, complete this form to begin activating your ArcGIS Online subscription. If you would like to get back on maintenance, contact us.

Getting Started Resources

These videos will help you get started with ArcGIS Online:

Getting Started with ArcGIS Online

Getting Started with ArcGIS Online

Mapping Basics

ArcGIS Online: Mapping Basics

Analysis Basics

ArcGIS Online: Analysis Basics

Sharing Basics

ArcGIS Online: Sharing Basics

App Basics

ArcGIS Online: App Basics

Scene Basics

ArcGIS Online: Scene Basics

Administration Basics

ArcGIS Online: Administration Basics

Group Basics

ArcGIS Online: Group Basics