Right-of-Way Mapping and Management

The geographic approach

Protect, enforce, and maintain right-of-way with GIS

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Reimagining right-of-way management

How does GIS help manage right-of-way?

In an increasingly developed world, GIS provides organizations with the necessary tools to protect, enforce, and maintain the limited space available to support critical infrastructure.

Transform right-of-way inventories and maps

With an accurate inventory of rights-of-way mapped with GIS, stakeholders can quickly access critical information on any device.

Operationalize planning

GIS provides robust visualization and reporting capabilities to encourage two-way communication, limiting project delays.

Reduce acquisition impacts

GIS provides real-time negotiation data for updating costs, scheduling projections, and demonstrating agreement with regulatory requirements.

Improve safety, operations, and compliance

GIS improves permit management and compliance demonstration through real-time data capture, analysis, and reporting.

Property map

Prepare for infrastructure investments

Integrating right-of-way data into a GIS environment maximizes the performance and potential of real estate assets.

Right-of-way webinars

Ensure your organization is ready for capital investments by using GIS to protect, enforce, and maintain the right-of-way. Join Esri’s team of experts in one of these upcoming webinars as they bring you the GIS information you need to know.

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Organizations are rethinking their use and management of right-of-way as they prepare for the next generation of infrastructure. Discover the four ways you can use GIS to empower your right-of-way.

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