The Top 8 Resources for You

Are you a new GIS user or do you just want to know more about it? Esri has many resources that can help you learn about and keep up with changing GIS technology.

  1. Read a magazine
    You can subscribe to ArcUser, ArcNews, ArcWatch, and Esri Globe for free.
    ArcUser: Learn how to use Esri software more effectively through tutorials and tips, gain insights about managing GIS programs,and learn more about resources that make GIS developers more productive. Available in print to United States residents and online worldwide and as a mobile app for iPad and Android tablet devices.
    ArcNews: GIS industry news, user stories, and Esri resources and announcements. Available in print to United States residents, and online worldwide and as a mobile app for iPad and Android tablet devices.
    ArcWatch: Articles, announcements, tips, and links e-mailed monthly. Read previous issues online.
    Esri Globe: Weekly e-newsletter links you to content on maps, apps, location analytics, enterprise systems, data analysis, and other aspects of geospatial technology.
  2. Make a map on ArcGIS Online.
    Make a map on desktop, web, or tablet without purchasing either software or data using the map viewer and layers that have been shared on ArcGIS Online. In a matter of minutes, make a map that you can share on a blog, embed in a website, or e-mail to someone.
  3. Read a blog.
    Esri has blogs that focus on the specific interests of developers, educators, managers, and job seekers. Two blogs that have more general appeal are the Esri Insider, which discusses strategic initiatives and trending topics and the ArcGIS blog, which discusses the latest developments in ArcGIS software.
  4. Learn all about Esri software at ArcGIS Resource Center.
    Find blog posts, forums, videos, and documentation related to specific products or areas of interest such as 3D and Python, at the ArcGIS Resource Center.
  5. Get social.
    Follow @ArcUser, @ArcNews, and @Esri on Twitter.
  6. Listen to a webinar.
    Live training seminars provide practical, specific, and current information in an hour long session. Topics can includes GIS tasks, tips, concepts, or new technologies. Attendees can log in remotely to the seminar and can pose questions or chat with other attendees. An archive of these recordings is available.
  7. Take a class.
    Visit the Esri Training and Education portal to learn more and enroll in web courses or instructor-led courses covering desktop, server, mobile application, and development topics.
  8. Go to a conference.
    The Esri International User Conference is the largest GIS conference in the world. Every year, in San Diego, California, GIS professionals from all over the world to attend many of the hundreds of technical workshops given by Esri staff; listen to paper sessions presented by fellow GIS users from all over the world, and attend special interest meetings.