The Top 8 GIS Resources for You

Esri offers lots of ways you can learn about GIS and related technologies. Whether you are a new to GIS or a user for years, these are resources that can help you.

  1. Read all about it.
    Subscribe to ArcUser, ArcNews, ArcWatch, and Esri Globe for free.
    ArcUser is the quarterly magazine for people who use Esri’s GIS technology: GIS professionals, GIS managers, and GIS developers. Its articles provide practical, technical information that will help you make the best use of Esri software and better understand GIS and its integration with mainstream IT.
    ArcNews is the quarterly publication that GIS users of all levels read to find out about new ways to employ GIS and what’s new with ArcGIS technology. Most articles in ArcNews are submitted by Esri users.
    ArcWatch is a monthly email newsletter with articles, tips, announcements, and links to resources.
    Esri Globe is a succinct weekly e-newsletter that links you to content on topics and trends in the rapidly evolving geospatial industry.
  2. Learn how to apply GIS to problem solving
    Learn ArcGIS provides free guided lessons based on real-world problems that use software that spans the ArcGIS platform.
  3. Connect with the GIS community.
    GeoNet is an online community of users, Esri partners and staff, and others in the GIS and geospatial professional community.
  4. Read the ArcGIS Blog.
    Find out the latest developments in Esri technology from the people who make it.
  5. Get social.
    Follow @ArcUser@ArcNews, @gisjourno, and @Esri on Twitter for links to trending geospatial content.
  6. Take advantage of unlimited access to e-Learning.
    If you or your organization has an Esri qualifying product with current maintenance, you have unlimited access to all Esri’s self-paced e-Learning resources so you can learn anytime.
  7. Take a class.
    Take instructor-led classes online or at training centers across the United States. Esri also offers private classes and coaching that can come to your location. Visit the Esri Training and Education portal to learn more about course offerings and options.
  8. Go to THE GIS conference.
    Hundreds of paper presentations, technical workshops, and special interest meetings make this a tremendous opportunity to learn and connect with others in the field.