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August 2017

Sea Turtle App Turns Tourists into Citizen Scientists

Snorkelers, scuba divers, and beachgoers who spot sea turtles can help scientific researchers learn more about the elusive and often endangered marine reptiles. All people need to do is download an app called TURT (Turtles Uniting Researchers and Tourists) onto their smartphone before they hit the beach or go out on the water. The app, developed using Esri ArcGIS, is available for iOS and Android. Read the article.

The TURT app lets you map the location of the sea turtles you see.

The Tip

Put Bookmarks to Work in Your ArcGIS Pro Projects
You can create bookmarks in ArcGIS Pro, which will save you precious time when you are working on a project. Plus, there are some cool ArcGIS Pro tools that will give you the ability to convert bookmarks to animations and create bookmarks at certain points in time. Read the tip.

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