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October 2016

Keepers of the Rain Forest

By Carla Wheeler
ArcWatch Editor

Austrian native Richard Resl has carved out a life helping indigenous people in Ecuador protect their land and way of life. During the 2016 Esri User Conference, Resl joined indigenous leader Domingo Ankuash from the Shuar nation to accept Esri's Making a Difference Award on behalf of AmazonGISnet, an organization Resl founded. He later shared the fascinating story of how he first met the Shuar people and the life-changing project they asked him to undertake: mapping their territory in the Amazon region, by using GPS and GIS. Read the article.

Richard Resl (center) watches Domingo Ankuash (left) present Esri president Jack Dangermond with a ceremonial spear at the Esri User Conference.
Richard Resl (center) watches Domingo Ankuash (left) present Esri president Jack Dangermond with a ceremonial spear at the Esri User Conference.

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Learn to Rotate Point Symbols in Web Maps

Learn how to create rotating symbols for web maps. Symbols on web maps can be rotated based on a numeric value in the azimuth system of 0–360 degrees. This is useful for showing directional information such as the direction in which the wind is blowing or a car is moving. Read the tip.

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    That's Entertainment!
  • That's Entertainment!

    A GIS professional for the federal government by day, Mark Gallant of Canada continues mapping in his off-hours. He founded, where he uses Esri Story Maps to tell stories about sports, music, pop culture, and history. Read the article.

    Mahika's Story Map
  • Mahika's Story Map

    Eighth grader Mahika Srivastava combined her interest in history and geography when she created History of India, a story map that won third place in the Esri India Story Map Contest. Read the article.

    Talk Geodesign in Delft
  • Talk Geodesign in Delft

    With its stunning architecture and pottery, Delft, the Netherlands, is the perfect backdrop for the 2017 Geodesign Summit Europe. Tour this Dutch city using a story map created with the new Esri Story Map Cascade app. See the story map and register for the summit.


    The Geospatial Report

  • Geography Drives Business for Cirque du Soleil

    Cirque du Soleil uses GIS to better understand where its customer base is located. "For a traveling business, we need to set up spots where we pitch our tent," said Axel Bedikyan, the company's director of business intelligence. "We look to GIS and Esri software to tell us where the best hot spots are for our target clientele." Watch the video.

  • Can Millennials Sway the Presidential Election?

    This Esri Story Map Journal includes maps and charts that explore an important question: What impact will the millennials, who now outnumber baby boomers, have on the 2016 presidential election? View the story map.

  • Florida City Adopts Enterprise GIS

    Richard Littlefield, GIS manager for the City of Altamonte Springs, Florida, explains how the city's new enterprise GIS centralizes data sharing and then fast-tracks delivery of GIS applications. Watch the video.

  • Create and Use Elevation Layers in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro

    You can now create your own hosted elevation layers in ArcGIS Online. They can be used in the ArcGIS Online web scene viewer, ArcGIS Pro, web applications that use ArcGIS API 4.0 for JavaScript, and ArcGIS Earth. Read the blog.