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July - September 2002
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  Focus Departments
Health Geography
Safeguarding public health using GIS.
Tracking Trends in Health Care with GIS
Research and analysis for publication enhanced.
GIS Assists Public Health Campaign in Thailand
Technology transfer helps curb epidemic.

Special Section

   Managing and Using Raster Data

Raster Data Management with ArcSDE
ArcGIS 8.2, ArcIMS 4.0, and ArcSDE provide a comprehensive raster solution.
Loading ArcSDE Raster Using ArcGIS 8.2 [PDF-275 KB]
Use tools available through ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox GUI
Load Raster in ArcSDE Using sderaster
[PDF-335 KB]
Command tool works on UNIX and Windows.
Imagery for the Rest of Us
Learn more about using this valuable data type.
Imagery Licensing is Serious Business
Purchasing and using image data.

   End Notes

GIS Provides a New View on the Past
Researchers apply GIS to historical inquiries.
Mapping Rural Growth Using Census 2000 Block Data
[PDF-444 KB]

Map demographic changes over a decade.
- Get sample data [ZIP-552 KB]
Dynamic Segmentation in ArcGIS
[PDF-442 KB]

Working with routes and events
- Tutorial on dynamic segmentation [PDF-356 KB]
- Get data for tutorial [ZIP-318 KB]

Use ArcPad Forms to Streamline Data Collection [PDF-432 KB]

Application Builder makes forms easy.

ArcGIS Software Simplifies Map Book Generation
Free program automates map boook production.
- Download program [ZIP-199 KB]

   Developer's Corner

Supporting ArcSDE on Oracle
Suggestions for optimizing performance.

Identifying and Tracking Pesticide Use in Agriculture
California's model regulatory program makes extensive use of GIS.
Urban Information Systems for Earthquake-Resistant Cities
Mitigation and response efforts improved in Turkey
County Gets Lots of Mileage from GIS
Enterprisewide strategy uses ArcGIS, ArcIMS, MapObjects, Maplex, and ArcInfo

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