AgileAssets Inc

Austin, TX, United States


AgileAssets is the leading global provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions and services for public and private transportation agencies. Our proven solutions enable a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets including; pavements, facilities, bridges, fleets, telecom, traffic signals, ITS, traffic signs and more. Our technologies optimize the decision making process, enabling more effective funding allocations and the highest possible ROI on your infrastructure investments. Smarter analytics support multi-period and multi-constraint analysis for specific assets as well as executive-level analysis and optimization of funding allocations across programs and asset types. Review any combination of scenarios over a period of time and produce efficient work plans, reports and summaries that show current and future asset conditions as well as maintenance and rehabilitation needs. Our advanced deterioration modeling enables you to assess remaining asset service life and condition forecasting to develop more effective maintenance vs. rehabilitation strategies. AgileAssets software modules feature a modern, responsive, browser-based interface that provides an intuitive and productive user experience on desktops, laptops and tablets. We also offer a growing library of mobile apps designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile workforce.



AgileAssets provides a full range of services that include implementation, training, hosting and support. Our implementation services include client-specific customization, configuration and interface development to ensure the successful implementation of your system and maximum benefit to your agency. In addition, AgileAssets also provides Esri Roads & Highways Implementation Services and Esri Roads & Highways Integration Services to offer clients a one-stop shop for implementing integrated AgileAssets-Esri solutions.

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Hosting Services, Implementation, System Integration, Training Services