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By GeoMarvel LLC

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GeoMarvel recently partnered with Noble Research Institute (NRI) to architect and perform an ArcGIS Enterprise Jumpstart for their organization. Before transitioning to ArcGIS Enterprise, they had 100+ users creating and sharing content in ArcGIS Online. This high volume of users made it difficult for them to manage and secure their system, which was no longer robust enough to meet their data needs. By migrating to ArcGIS Enterprise, Noble Research Institute is now able to create, manage and share content on a larger scale, with improved security and an Enterprise configuration specific to their organization’s needs. In order to successfully establish Noble Research Institute onto ArcGIS Enterprise, we first went through an architecture design phase, to identify their unique Enterprise infrastructure needs. Once the infrastructure was in place, we performed a resource assessment to determine their user-base, data, and system integration requirements. Following the assessment, we helped them to identify licensing needs and navigate this process with Esri. We were ultimately able to architect a scalable Enterprise infrastructure that meets their current needs, while also having the ability to meet any growing infrastructure needs in the future. After installing and configuring their ArcGIS Enterprise environment, we focused on migrating their existing layers, feature services, web applications, geodatabases and users from ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS Enterprise. As part of the migration, we also performed a system audit to identify old, unused layers and users that could be deprecated. ArcGIS Enterprise has allowed Noble Research Institute to utilize their data in a more advanced environment, with features that enable them to continue creating maps and web layers, including powerful web applications for their internal research purposes. Noble Research Institute is a non-profit agricultural research organization based out of Oklahoma. Their mission is to create solutions for agricultural problems, with a vision to be a trusted source of agricultural knowledge and research.


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