Roma, Italy


iptsat has been for many years fully committed to interact with the comunity of GIS and remote sensing users providing high professionalism in all the aspects of these tecnologies and offering VAS to support the clients: creation and personalisation WebGIS, DeskTop GIS, GeoDataBase solutions; consulting services, programming and implementation of GIS projects; consulting satellite solutions services for environmental monitoring, planning and land control; assistance and technical maintenance services; on line and help backup services; release of new versions and ESRI software updating



Staff Training iptsat has constantly dedicated particular attention to the Formation activity. Specific programs have been created in order to give to its proper clients, especially the Public Administration, a specific assistance for the preparation of Territorial Analysts technicians capable to fulfill the complicated tasks of Planning, Management, Development and Control of the territorial resources. For this purpose iptsat has developed various types of courses either in GIS or remote sensing divided in various levels, basic and advanced: Remote sensing courses; GIS courses; ECDL GIS Certificate program; Courses on Territorial Informative System Projects. GIS Geographic Information System, that is the capacity to represent the territory by superimposition of more than one information stratus. Since 1982, iptsat deals with GIS through the partnership of ESRI ITALIA and through the development of applications and innovative solutions.In order to take the maximum advantage from GIS it is necessary to possess valid geographical data and have the technical competence to use the software. For this reason we are interested in the creation of data bases and specialized and certified formation.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Training Services