TIES (Transportation Integrated Enterprise System) Public Dashboard: RideDC

By Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc.

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The Transportation Integrated Enterprise System (TIES) is a framework developed on the ArcGIS platform and integrated with ArcGIS Online as a geospatial framework to integrate disparate systems and data feeds together using location as the common denominator. The resulting Service Oriented Architecture supports user-driven analytical dashboards providing managers, decision makers, and the general public access to information. The result is increased knowledge and services for constituents and a reduction in costs through coordination. Sophisticated ETL Geoprocessing scripts transform specific data from many individual systems into a central data warehouse. During the transformation process, data is aggregated and attributes are selectively chosen to meet business use cases. The data is also transformed spatially to align with the DDOT street network ensuring coincident geometry for cross data queries. JMT developed RideDC for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). RideDC is a web-based transportation portal and dashboard for retail establishment owners in the District of Columbia. RideDC leverages the TIES Framework and enables District businesses and retail owners to create a custom dashboards of transit options for their establishment. RideDC is a map centric visualization of transportation options displayed on a High Definition monitors. It offers patrons information on nearby transit options including DC Circulator, WMATA Metro bus, WMATA Metro rail, Capital Bike Share, and car share programs like Zipcar, Car2GO, and Hertz.


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