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The ENVI Deep Learning module removes the barriers to accessing deep learning by exposing intuitive tools that require zero programming. ENVI Deep Learning is commercial, off-the-shelf technology specifically designed to work with remotely sensed imagery to solve problems in agriculture, utilities, transportation, defense and other industries. No Programming Required Not everyone is a deep learning expert and the ENVI Deep Learning module was developed with this in mind. The module has intuitive tools and workflows that don’t require programming and enable users to easily label data and generate models with the click of a button. Additionally, it is simple for seasoned imagery experts to fuse information layers such as spectral indices, elevation data, or data transforms to create more robust classifiers. Accuracy Counts ENVI is the leading image analysis software on the market and its science-based analytics are accurate and reliable for extracting meaningful information from all types of geospatial imagery and data. ENVI’s preprocessing tools such as calibration, atmospheric correction and color space transforms create consistent input data for deep learning models. With deep learning technology built on TensorFlow, a leading open source library, you can create reliable models for image classification.


Agriculture, Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Atmospheric, Aviation, Conservation, Defense, Education, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, Geologic, Highways & Roads, Insurance, Intelligence, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Public Works, Research Organizations, Trucking & Distribution

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