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Since 1951, we have provided customers with cutting-edge geospatial data and products. Through the years, we have earned a reputation as an unbiased consultant who identifies the right data to solve customer’s problems and meet specific project requirements. Our highly-skilled staff of photogrammetrists, programmers, and imagery scientists draw upon their vast experience as well as access to a multitude of data types from the top vendors around the world. We offer the largest selection of geospatial products worldwide including satellite imagery, aerial maps, digital elevation model (DEM) data, topographic maps, and more. Satellite Imagery L3Harris Geospatial has partnered with the leading satellite imagery providers including Airbus, DigitalGlobe, and Planet to offer data and information for any location in the world. Aerial Imagery Our Aerial Image Library covers all of the United States and most of Europe as well as many international locations. L3Harris Geospatial is a distributor of the Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) data, and is also a reseller of aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe, Eagle, and Landiscor. Elevation Data L3Harris Geospatial offers a wide variety of in-house elevation dataset resources and has partnered with other leading providers such as Airbus and Intermap to provide multi-resolution DEM coverage for the entire globe. Aerial Survey Mapping Services Our experts offer fully integrated aerial digital topographic mapping services with the ability to take on any project on the North American Continent. Satellite Imagery Services L3Harris Geospatial provides a wide range of high-quality professional and custom satellite mapping services, with end-to-end capability from data acquisition, to data processing, to data analysis.


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