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Microclimates are on the rise, and as a result, so are extreme deviations of wind, snow, fog, and visibility even over short distances. Hyperlocal ground information enhances operational efficiencies and decision making that can save time, money, property, and even lives. Helios environmental intelligence platform from L3Harris provides essential information about hyperlocal weather that traditional weather sources typically struggle to discern. Helios uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect the occurrence and impacts of weather on critical ground infrastructure through its large terrestrial camera network. This timely data is important for weather-dependent decision making. Helios Camera Network Helios is integrated with tens of thousands of publicly available terrestrial cameras around the world. These cameras are primarily located on critical roadway infrastructure and can be easily enhanced. SaaS Platform A scalable cloud AI processing platform is the foundation for imagery management and provides an open API and web application for content delivery. The platform brings large existing disparate camera networks together. This removes the need/cost to source and maintain these camera networks. Using AI Helios uses AI to detect and classify ground conditions and impacts day and night. The AI has been trained using millions of global, seasonal, regional, and historical images for high detection rates. Applications of Helios Helios applies more than 50 years of L3Harris’ remote sensing and AI expertise and patented analytics to terrestrial cameras. Helios provides tip and cue alerts for changing ground weather and its impacts to support: • weather forecasting • traffic management • emergency response • vehicle safety


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